The Leadership Development Institute will be held at the annual Alpha Phi Alpha Eastern Region
Convention.  This year's convention is hosted by the local chapters of H
artford, CT.  The site of the program is
the  H
artford Marriott CT..

From its origins as a Connecticut River trading post in 1633, Hartford has become not only the state capital but
also the insurance capital of the world, with a slew of historical attractions, a thriving arts and entertainment
center, a revitalized riverfront and beautiful parks and public gardens
“By providing LDI programming at the
Eastern Region Convention, the
fraternity is able to enlarge its
community service footprint in areas
that it meets; really doing the work of
                          William Mills
                         LDI ERC Chair
                                               Pre-Institute Workshops

The Leadership Development Institute and the ETL Education Foundation Virtual University Initiative (VUI) have
partnered to provide a series of synchronous and asynchronous internet-based leadership workshops.  For
three to four weeks prior to convening at Long Island University, Ambassadors participate in these pre-institute
workshops that include the completion of selected readings, review of custom YouTube presentations, and
participation in synchronous workshop via interactive e-conferencing.
The pre-institute workshops include:  (1) Leadership 101:  Impetus and Styles; this workshop presents
general and specific circumstances that promote leadership behavior, reviews popular leadership styles, and
explores leadership opportunities. (2)
Leadership in the 21st Century:  Understanding the Issues; this
workshop surveys three African American/Ethnic issues critical to societal success. The reviewed issues include
education attainment, economic/entrepreneur development, and cultural/historical awareness. and (3)  
Effective Presentation Tips; this workshop presents the skills required for the making of effective
presentations.  Effective outlining, summarizing, and research skills are reviewed.  Ambassadors also complete
a leadership development action plan electronic poster that is displayed during the Institute.  Each ambassador
provides an oral presentation of their work during the Leadership Development Institute..
Leadership Development Institute Agenda
Friday, April 27,  2018-- Preparing to Lead
8:30 AM
9:00  AM
Workshop #4:  Dress for Success
9:45 AM
Workshop #5: Goal Setting
10:45 AM
11:00 AM
Workshop #6:  Money Matters:  Financial Literacy
12:00 PM
Fraternal Luncheon
1:15 PM
Workshop #7:  Conflict Resolution Through Negotiation
2:00 PM
Ambassador Presentations
3:00 PM
3:15 PM
Workshop #8:  Male Responsibility:  Health and Sexuality
4:15 PM
Wrap-up & Instructions
7:00 PM
Devine Nine Step Competition
Saturday, April 28, 2018 -- Leadership: A Personal Comittment
8:30 AM
9:15  AM
Workshop #9:  Leadership Concepts Review Session
10:15 AM
Workshop #10:  "Not in My Backyard"
11:15 AM
Workshop #11:  Dining/Business Etiquette
Fraternal Luncheon
2:00 PM
Ambassador Presentations
3:00 PM
3:15 PM
Workshop #12:  Networking & Mentor Selection
4:15 PM
Group Discussion
5:00 PM
Wrap-up & Instructions
7:30 PM
Black and Gold Banquet
pril 27 -28 2018
artford Marriott Downtown
artford, CT